Our Mission:

To bang down walls
of stress, isolation, and stigma
and build bridges
to inclusion, acceptance, and wellness
through the therapeutic benefits
of group drumming.

Our Vision:

To expand our outreach to
even more Convalescent Rehab, Mental Health,
Early Education, Long-Term, and Daycare Facilities;

and provide Staff, Students, Teachers, Therapists, and Volunteers
the tools needed to create self-sustaining in-house, rhythm based programs
as part of a holistic approach to therapy exercise, recreation, and growth;

and give hope to marginalized members of our community who
could benefit most from the numerous benefits
of our unique rhythm based programs.

About Us:

The Wahlbangers’ vision was born in 1993 when the organization’s founder incorporated his
lifelong passion for drumming into his own physical therapy following a life-changing accident.
Over the next years of recovery, a myriad of physical and psychological benefits became
evident; the most profound for him was hope.
Years later, with the support of his wife, family, and friends, the mission became clear when
they took armfuls of drums, smiles, and hope to Woods Nursing Home
where their mother was recovering from a stroke.
Patients, staff, and visitors all joined in a joyous cacophony of laughter and song and, together,
transformed the somber atmosphere into a place of celebration, community, and healing.
Since that first event, the organization’s outreach has continued to expand
and now impacts thousands of participants - of all ages – annually
in over seventy facilities throughout Southern California.

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