Our Outreach

Our organization serves veterans, seniors, and children;
individuals with intellectual and developmental differences,
and hearing and visual impairments;
at-risk youth, people living with mental illness, and those in recovery;
and provides community-based, recreational drumming events for all.
Our inclusive, fun atmosphere provides a safe place to
heal and grow through fellowship, laughter,
and the universal language of rhythm.

Our Programs

All of our programs are built on a foundation of inclusion,
empowerment, camaradere and success.
A safe, supportive space is essential
to nurture the unique abilities of each participant.
Drumming with a group is fun, engaging, challenging,
and fosters a true sense of community and accomplishment.

Resilient Rhythms Program

In collaboration with therapy staff, the Resilient Rhythms
program incorporates goal-driven therapy plans of our players
into a fun atmosphere where neuroplasticity meets laughter,
and hard work is celebrated in a safe, stress-free environment.

Ohana Rhythms Program

Socialization, physical exercise, and cognitive games
are combined in the Ohana Rhythms program
to keep players sharp, engaged, and creative
as we explore new rhythms, sing familiar songs,
and laugh and learn together with friends and family.

Little Hands, Big Rhythms Program

Imagination, empowerment, and creativity blossom
as we share stories, rhythms, songs, and dances
and build confidence while fostering teamwork,
listening, and self-expression skills
of our youngest players in our
Little Hands Big Rhythms

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